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Translation memory or TM is an accumulation of translation units called segments containing interlinked sentence pairs in the source and target languages created by translator(s).
The primary aims of TM use are:

  • Faster translation process
  • Unified terminology use
  • Savings created by using existing translation segments.

Thanks to using a TM the client can also rest assured that any text units that have been verified and/or confirmed before will remain unchanged in the following translations. When the translation bureau has suggestions about any text previously translated elsewhere, then any changes are nevertheless only implemented after they are approved by the client.

AD 3DOORS is using the internationally acclaimed translation memory tool SDL Trados ( In the course of various translation projects we have gained the experience of working with other TM tools as well (SDLX, Star Transit, Logoport, etc.)

An additional advantage of using TM tools is their capability to maintain the formatting as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The project managers in AD 3DOORS work closely with the design and layout specialists all through the translation process. The design specialists take care of preparing and formatting the text for translation and after that ensure that the text is reformatted and the required design/layout applied. Text tends to get longer in translation, but we see to it that it fits to the required layout; if necessary we find the right font when there are no corresponding fonts in the target language (which is a frequent problem with RU, LV and LT texts) and check that any other technical terms are met.

TM tools enable our customers save money, because TM units retain their previous formatting. We must only allow for the lengthening common to translated texts. In case you have an earlier design/layout and only you need a translation, or when a service provider demands an excessively high design fee, then we recommend asking us for a comparative price quote.




Our team of professional translators and editors consists of philologists with a university level linguistic education and specialists in other fields with at least 5 years working experience.



Good text conveys the meaning clearly and unambiguously, it is orthographically and grammatically correct. Proofreading can actually precede translation when the source text is not quite clearly understandable.



Written materials need layout for any type of presentation. It is also important to know the intended purpose of the content early in the layout process. This



Printed advertising materials (brochures, booklets, posters, leaflets, etc.). Digital printing of stickers in small print runs (incl. printing in white, gold and silver).

Why choose us?

It is more important than ever to be noticed. Great text is supported by meaningful images. And vice versa. In our rapidly changing world, the tasks of a translation bureau are getting more complicated and more challenging than ever. Translation means not only conveying the meaning of text, but also adapting it according to the environment by using existing term bases and translation memories or by generating new ones, and by creating new text in the environment of continuously updated translation memory software. In spite of the outwardly technical side, translation is essentially an art that still requires experienced professionals with an excellent sense of language.

Welcome to AD 3DOORS!

Secure partner

AD 3DOORS has been operating since 1992. Over the years, we have established principles of high quality service flow and built a team of the best experts.


We are happy to share daily our experience and skills with our customers. In addition, we offer added value to our customers by providing design, layout and printing services.

Budget friendly

We always strive to save our customers’ resources. For example, our customers can achieve considerable savings by having repetitive text elements translated with the help of a translation memory.